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How to Remove Error Code SMeQ1177DYJX6 Popup?

You got an error code SMeQ1177DYJX6 from a suspected Windows popup? It asked you to contact Windows at a given number to fix the problem? Please don’t get cheated. It is actually a scam. Here is a guide teaching you how to remove it. Please keep reading.

What is Error Code SMeQ1177DYJX6?

Error Code SMeQ1177DYJX6 is from a scam popup that usually asks innocent computer users to contact a bogus Windows Support. Please note that Windows will never warn you through websites. So once you see an “error code SMeQ1177DYJX6” popup, you should find out and remove what causes it. Continue reading

Easily Remove Browser Redirect from PC

Brief Introduction of is recognized as a browser redirect caused by the adware or potentially unwanted programs that sneak into your computer without your knowledge. Once insides, this annoying browser redirect will replace your browser default home page and create some shortcut to change your startup page. Therefore, when you start to go on the internet and browse the web, you will be redirected to this questionable domain. is often used by cyber criminals to spread spam. Appearing as a pop-up window, there are usually a lot of tricky contents. For example, it may ask you to update your flash player to the latest version to view top video or scare you into calling the toll free number to fix the ‘viruses’ in your computer. Please don’t follow what it asks you to do or you will get into bigger troubles. Continue reading

How to Remove MadLocker/DMA Ransomware Permanently?

MadLocker/DMA Ransomware Description

MadLocker/DMA is a severe infection that has been detected as a ransomware or Trojan ransom. Malware author designs this ransomware to steal innocent computer users’ money. Once you detect this infection in your computer, you should take immediate actions to resolve it.

MadLocker/DMA is often distributed via spam emails, peer to peer files, corrupt sites, or other somail network services. Once insides, it will encrypt almost all of your files stored on the hard drive, including Word Documents, pictures, photos, music, PDFs etc. And then it will generate a deceptive pop-up alert to your computer, stating that your computer is locked due to some illegal online activities and certain law violations. You are then required to pay for a certain amount of money, say $500, to unlock your computer. Continue reading

How to Remove HEUR:Trojan.Script.Generic Permanently?

Hello, I found this in detected objects today:
Can anyone please let me know what I need to do to remove it?
Thank you

What is HEUR:Trojan.Script.Generic?

Object name: HEUR:Trojan.Script.Generic
Object type: Trojan program

HEUR:Trojan.Script.Generic is a high risk Trojan horse that can take advantages of security loop holes within the compromised PC to get installed into the target system without users awareness. Besides, it can be distributed via spam email attachments, corrupted websites or malicious links, etc. Continue reading

How to Remove (855-790-8386) Browser Locker?

My computer seemed infected by malware. Once the message popped up, the computer was “locked up” and the user was unable to do anything. The warning was on-screen and audible.  I am very suspicious, as I have never seen or heard of anything like this…

What is (855-790-8386)? (855-790-8386) is a malicious popup that has been recognized as browser redirect. It is often caused by the potentially unwanted program or even malware that sneak into your computer without your knowledge. Commonly, the page at often says:

“ATTENTION Centurytel Internet Holdings inc. Users, your windows (microsoft) computer has been blocked! Windows System Alert!! System has been infected due to unexpected error! Please Contact Windows Certificated Technicians 1-855-790-8386 Immediately to unblock your computer …” Continue reading

How to Remove Fake Update Domain Popup?

What is is a fake update popup that has been regarded as an adware. It is designed by some cyber criminals to generate the pay-per-install revenue. So if this popup asks you to update (whatever) to the latest version for best performance, you should ignore it and find and remove the related cyber threats. screenshot Continue reading

How to Remove (Windows Defender Pro) Popup from Your PC?

Hi, yesterday I started to get a popup stating, “WARNING! Please Read Immediately! Windows has detected potential malicious and dangerous malware on your system. We will now perform a quick scan of your system to detect and eliminate any and all threats.” Is it real or scam? I can’t get rid of it. Please help.

What is is reported by AVGThreatLabs as a potentially active malware because there are malware (Social Engineering, XPL/Gen and XPL/Gen DJ _) found on the main site of this domain. Please note that this nasty popup usually sneaks into your computer after you download and install something like adware, PUP, or certain malware. So it often enters your computer without your awareness. Here is a screenshot of


Continue reading

How to Delete Parite.A.gen (Virus) from Computer?

A client’s SonicWall Appliance had numerous alert entries from this system.

12/10/2015 13:19:45.128 – Alert – Security Services -         Gateway Anti-Virus Alert: Parite.A.gen (Virus) blocked. -                 LocalIP, 52012, X0, LocalComputer1 -, 80, X1 -

Took the system offline, scanned it with current versions and definitions of McAfee Enterprise and MalwareBytes Enterprise and nothing found….

What is Parite.A.gen?

Parite.A.gen is a severe Trojan horse that can take advantages of security loop holes within the compromised PC and get installed into the target system without users even knowing it.

Once infiltrated, Parite.A.gen will place harmful files inside system folder and modifies start-up entries to ensure its automatic activation on each Windows boot-up. It can also greatly compromise your machine and make it vulnerable to online hidden threats. Continue reading

How to Remove Bbeastsaveforyou & Ads by Bbeastsaveforyou from Computer?

What is Bbeastsaveforyou?

Bbeastsaveforyou is an adware program which promises to help computer users save time and enhance their online shopping experience by providing some best deals. However, it will actually generate many unwanted and annoying advertisements and cause troubles to interrupt your online activity. For example, Bbeastsaveforyou can conduct the behaviors like these –

  • It can modify your browser settings on homepage, searches, and results;
  • It can interrupt your online activities by displaying pop-up commercial ads;
  • It can exploit your browser’s vulnerability to help cyber criminals steal your sensitive information;
  • It can add suspected and unwanted extensions or tools to your web browsers;
  • It can slow your computer and internet.

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