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How to Remove (Windows Defender Pro) Popup from Your PC?

Hi, yesterday I started to get a popup stating, “WARNING! Please Read Immediately! Windows has detected potential malicious and dangerous malware on your system. We will now perform a quick scan of your system to detect and eliminate any and all threats.” Is it real or scam? I can’t get rid of it. Please help. […]

How to Remove Potentially Active Malware from Your PC?

What is is reported by AVGThreatLabs as a potentially active malware because there are malware on the main site of this domain. BitDefender has also concluded it as a malware site. It is often used by cyber criminals to spread scams. Once infected, it will collect your information and steal your other confidential […]

How to Remove Script Error?

Getting Error script message on Messenger when video calling, any suggestions, please? What is is a normal domain of Yahoo. It is a safe site and will not cause trouble. However, when you keep getting script error of or if your browser has been hijacked by this program, your computer might […]

Effectively Remove HKML\Software\Classes\CLSID Registry Entries

My laptop keeps popping up a box saying ‘Windows Explorer has stopped working’ for every few mins. Then did scan with AdwCleaner which shows in the ‘Registry’ folder with 4 keys of ‘HKML\software\classes\CLSID\….‘ as below and I clicked the ‘Cleaning’ button but seemed like they are still there but not being cleaned or removed after […]

How to Remove Javaws.exe*32 Virus? Get rid of Multiple Javaws.exe*32 Processes in Task Manager

Multiple javaws.exe*32 processes appear in your task manager? Please read more to learn how to get rid of them. Brief introduction of Javaws.exe*32 Javaws.exe*32 seems relevant to Java™ Web Start Launcher belongs to software ActiveFlight or Java. However, if you find a lot of javaws.exe*32 processes in your task manager, there might be malware in […]

Guide to Remove Pup.optional.runner.a Effectively And Safely

Brief introduction about Pup.optional.runner.a Pup.optional.runner.a is detected by antivirus program as a computer malware program. It is reported to connect remote server to download malicious installer which will install many unwanted programs and advertising-support apps without your permission. It is usually inserted with freeware, torrent files or storage devices, etc. In addition, it may invade […]

How to Delete Fake “Chrome” Browser.exe From Your PC?

“I don’t have Google chrome installed, but I see multiple processes running (named browser.exe) with Google Chrome as the description. I also found that the process was being run from C:/Users/%USERNAME%/AppData/LocalLow/BrowserVoice/VinylGravity – so, like the other user, I ended the processes and deleted the folder, but the folder just immediately regenerated.” Have you ever encountered […]