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Get Rid of “Zalmos SSL web proxy for free” From Your PC – How?

“Zalmos SSL web proxy for free” description “Zalmos SSL web proxy for free” is an third party proxy application which claims to provide free proxy for computer users and enhances users’ online experience. In fact, it is deemed as potentially unwanted program which is able to sneak into your computer without any awareness and consents. […]

Remove SuperPlusRadio v2.1V30.07 With Effective Methods (Removal Guide)

What is SuperPlusRadio v2.1V30.07? SuperPlusRadio v2.1V30.07 is classified as a potentially unwanted program which is not only able to affect not only to your online activity but as well as bring threats to your system safety. You should never take it slightly since it is compatible with all computer operating systems and all popular web browsers including Google Chrome, […]

Uninstall YTDownloader – Manually Get Rid of YTDownloader Adware

Accidentally download YTDownloader? Find your PC slow strangely? There must be something to do with this nasty program. You can read the article to learn more details. YTDownloader Description YTDownloader is advertised as a useful application that allows you watch and download YouTube videos in different forms like flv, avi, mp4, and many others. It […]

Effective Guide to Remove BrowserModifier:Win32/CouponRuc

Information about BrowserModifier:Win32/CouponRuc Microsoft Security Software has detected a PUP called BrowserModifier:Win32/CouponRuc which is able to infect many hosts and install may other PUPs. It can sneak into the targeted computers alongside other free downloads and installs base on the auto mount. Seen from the name given by Microsoft Security, this PUP has the ability […]

Remove PUP.Optional.ShoppingBuddy.A Quickly and Effectively (Removal Instruction)

What is PUP.Optional.ShoppingBuddy.A? PUP.Optional.ShoppingBuddy.A is classified as an adware or potentially unwanted programs which is usually installed on your web browsers as add-on, extension, or plug-in.  So whenever you launch your web browser or open a new tab, a lot of pop-up ads will be full of your screen, which could really interrupt your online […]

How to Get Rid of Fake Update and Remove It from System?

What’s is to be testified a fake update inserted in suspicious domains for the purpose of tricking you into download it. This fake update has no realistic function but only a PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) which takes up system space and waste resources and needed to be removed as soon as possible.   […]