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Best Way to Remove Worm:Win32/Gamarue.gen!lnk Effectively

Severe and Dangerous Worm:Win32/Gamarue.gen!lnk Worm:Win32/Gamarue.gen!lnk is a short version variant of Worm:Win32/Gamarue. It is reported as a dangerous infection that endeavors to the attacked computer deep through network vulnerability, spam emails, infected websites, or being bundled with freeware. Worm:Win32/Gamarue.gen!lnk always gets installed on the vulnerable computer without any knowledge and permission. Once installed, this worm […]

Remove JS:ScriptPE-inf [Trj] and HTML:Script-inf Completely

Every few minutes, my antivirus will notify me that it has blocked the JS:ScriptPE-inf [Trj] and HTML:Script-inf threats. It will notify me multiple times and move them to the chest. I believe there is an infection here. Any suggested courses of action? Thanks! Analysis on JS:ScriptPE-inf [Trj] and HTML:Script-inf JS:ScriptPE-inf [Trj] and HTML:Script-inf are the viruses that usually […]

Learn to Remove Net-Worm.Win32.Nimda Step by Step (Virus Removal)

What do you know about Net-Worm.Win32.Nimda Net-Worm.Win32.Nimda is a dangerous computer virus which can be classified as a worm. This virus can get into the computer  infected file sharing network, corrupted free programs, malicious links, spam email attachments, malicious secondary storage devices, unauthorized website and so on. Once installed, it will root deeply into the target computer system […]