Easily Get Rid of W32.Tempedreve – How Exactly?

By | March 17, 2015

Information about W32.Tempedreve

W32.Tempedreve is detected as a worm which can seriously attack an infected machine. It can sneak into your PC without any knowledge and permission. Created by cyber criminals, it can invade one’s PC through exploiting free programs, malicious links and system vulnerabilities. Usually, it comes to a targeted PC through spam email attachments. Steal confidential information and valuable data from users is its mission. It can spread among computers by copying itself to removable devices and shared folders. So it’s very dangerous for your other safe machines. It can use a random name to hide itself in your temp folder so you won’t notice it. It even can corrupt installer packages with the .msi extension, PDF documents and .exe files. Remove it once you find it.

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W32.Tempedreve will do these on your PC

  • W32.Tempedreve takes up your system resources to slow down the speed of your PC and your network.
  • It can easily infect your other machines via USB drives and shared network folders.
  • It can inject code into browser processes thus bring you lots of nettlesome ads. The ads even can redirect you to some malicious pages.
  • It can modify your files and create and run files in the %Temp% folder to bypass the detection of your anti-virus program.
  • It can take screenshots of your PC and send the collected information to its remote server.

How to remove W32.Tempedreve easily and completely?

Method 1: Manually remove it yourself by following the guides below.

Method 2: Automatically remove it by using SpyHunter.

Manual Steps

Step 1: Enter Safe Mode to achieve better results.
You need to restart your PC and keep pressing F8 key in order to get to the interface below. Choose “Safe Mode with Networking” and press “Enter” on your keyboard.

Step 2: Stop related ongoing processes of W32.Tempedreve.

To quickly open the box, press Ctrl+Shift+Esc simultaneously. Select related programs in view tab and end them.

Step 3: Show hidden files and delete related files.

Start>>Control Panel>>Appearance and Themes>> Folder Options. In View tab, tick “Show hidden files and folders” and deselect “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)”. And then click OK.

Go to your local disks to find related files and then delete them.


Step 4: Delete all related registry entries in the Registry Editor. (Be cautious during this step.)

Start>>Run>>Input “regedit”>>Click “OK”. Find related entries and delete them.

If you can’t tell whether the entry is harmful or not, you’d better not take this step.

Step 5: Use RegCure to check if your acts are effective.

This tool can help to check and optimize your PC at the same time.

a: Download RegCure Pro with the safe link here or the icon below!

b: Run the downloaded file to step by step install RegCure Pro.

c: When the installation is finish, select “System Scan” to scan for your PC.

d: Click “Fix All” to get rid of all the problems if you can find any.

Automatic Steps

SpyHunter is an advanced removal tool with the function of removing worms, Trojan horses, rogues, rootkits, and adware, etc. With this tool, you don’t have to worry about the mistaken deleted files. Why not download this powerful tool to help you?

Step 1: Download SpyHunter to stop W32.Tempedreve.

Accept the Setup Agreement and follow the wizard to install it on your computer properly.

Step 2: Launch it and click “Malware Scan”.

Step 3: When the results come out, fix it immediately by clicking “Fix Threats”.

Good to know

W32.Tempedreve is really dangerous. Before other problems come, we should remove it once found. If you’re a computer expert, you can choose to remove it manually. If not, you should not take the risk to aggravate your PC. Here we recommend SpyHunter for you. And if you need to check and optimize your PC, RegCure may be helpful.

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