Helps on How to Remove W32/Mytob-EW worm & W32/Sdbot-BN Backdoor Worm

By | June 1, 2015

What is W32/Mytob-EW worm & W32/Sdbot-BN backdoor worm?

W32/Mytob-EW worm & W32/Sdbot-BN backdoor worm are two malicious worms designed for DDOS attacks and files disruption. Once it gets into your computer, your files system may be corrupted and at the same time, it can inject junk files into your computer without your notice. It is very smart for it firstly terminating your system security and changing its name steadily so that it won’t be detected easily. What is worse, it has the ability to modify your system settings and registry entries which means your computer is really in danger after the happening of everything mentioned above.

Do not underestimate W32/Mytob-EW worm & W32/Sdbot-BN backdoor worm because it is able to open the backdoor and allow other hackers to attack your computer remotely. The purpose of these cyber criminals is to steal sensitive information including banking details and private files. Probably, it will add malicious programs to your system and keep destroying your drives terribly without your knowledge. Consequently, you will find your computer running slower than before, and your browsers getting troubles with displaying numerous annoying pop-up ads, being redirected to suspicious websites, changing homepage and default search engine. For the security of your computer and your personal information, remove W32/Mytob-EW worm & W32/Sdbot-BN backdoor worm from your computer is the only choice to stay away from being infected.

When infected with W32/Mytob-EW worm & W32/Sdbot-BN backdoor worm, you will suffer:

  • Your system files are disrupted.
  • Your default DNS settings will be modified.
  • Your registry entries will be modified.
  • Your computer performance is getting poorer.
  • Your system is crashed gradually.

How does W32/Mytob-EW worm & W32/Sdbot-BN backdoor worm get into your computer?

It attacks victims through various ways such as bundling with free software, clicking dubious links or pop-ups and spam email attachment. Thus, you have to be careful with these resources and learn how to remove this virus from your computer. Here are the tips on how to remove W32/Mytob-EW worm & W32/Sdbot-BN backdoor worm from PC.

Removal Methods

Method 1: Manual Removal (only for experienced users with proficient PC skills)

Method 2: Automatic Removal (easy and safe way to remove)

Method 1:Manual Removal

STEP 1:Reboot your PC into Safe mode

  • Restart your machine.
  • when you see the screen with words on it, keep pressing F8 key.
  • Choose Safe Mode with Networking with arrow keys.

STEP 2: Show hidden files

  • Press Windows + R.
  • Choose Folder Options.
  • Select Show hidden files and folders.
  • Do not check Hide protected operating system files(Recommended).
Delte all of them:


Solution 2: Reset browsers( Google Chrome,Mozilla Firefox,Internet Explorer)

Google_Chrome_logoGoogle Chrome

  • Click the top-right button and choose settings
  • Click show advanced settings at the bottom of the page.
  • Find Reset settings and click it.

firefox-logoMozilla Firefox

  • Click the Menu on the top-right corner.
  • Find Help menu and click it .
  • Choose Troubleshooting Information > Refresh Firefox.

IE logoInternet Explorer

  • Click the button on the top-right corner.
  • Choose Internet Options.
  • Under the tab Advanced, click Reset button.

Solution 3: Remove with SpyHunter

  • Click the button below to download SpyHunter.

spyhunter download-button 2

  • Click Start New Scan to scan your PC completely.

spyhunter scan

  • Wait for several minutes to scan.


  • Click Fix Threats to finish the removal.

last step

After the removal, you need to optimize your system with RegCure Pro.

  • Click the button below to download RegCure Pro.

download  B1

  • Follow the steps to finish the installation.

RegCure Pro 2

  • Scanning your PC by clicking the button System Scan.

System Scan by RegCurePro

  • Click Fix All to finish the optimization.

RegCure Pro 5


Manual removal requires proficient computer skills, but if you are not, automatic removal is the best choice for you. SpyHunter will help you remove malicious programs completely and timely, detect the threats to your computer and protect you from being attacked again. RegCurePro is the assistant of SpyHunter and it aims to optimize your PC so as to make your computer perform well.

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