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By | May 26, 2015

Price Slayer is an adware disguising itself as a useful tool added in the extensions or add-ons of your browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. It claims that users can get benefits from it through the coupons, deals, discounts and competitive price it promotes. On the contrary, it stimulates you to spend money and it is wasting your time on looking theses pesky ads.

As Price Slayer gets the chance to enter your system, you need to be very careful with it. Typically, it is not a vicious virus but a dangerous unwanted program that may be a potential threat to your computer. Clicking even one of these ads Price Slayer promotes, you will be misled to other suspicious or infected websites which can probably ruin your computer. The adware is supported by the third parties who aim to obtain pay-per-click revenue, but it may also be supported by cyber criminals who tend to attack users’ computers so as to steal personal information especially banking details. Besides, it is able to

What Price Slayer will do to you?

  • It will display tons of endless pop-ups when you are surfing the Internet.
  • It will redirect your random pages to suspicious sites.
  • It will bring other vicious viruses to you.
  • It will drag down the speed of your computer.
  • It will modify the default settings of your browsers.
  • It will steal your personal information.

Price Slayer can infect your compute through many ways. Being bundling with free software and shared files is the normal one, but sometimes, users may allow it into their computers by clicking pop-ups or dubious links. What you should remember is choosing the custom or advanced option during the installation of free software. The following content will tell you how to get rid of Price Slayer effectively.

Method 1:Manual Removal

STEP 1:Uninstall the program

  • Press Windows + R .


  • Type control in the blank.

run control

  • Click Programs.

control panel 2

  • Select the target program and click Uninstall.


STEP 2: Show hidden files

  • Press Windows + R.


  • Choose Folder Options.

folder option


  • Select Show hidden files and folders.
  • Do not check Hide protected operating system files(Recommended).

show hidden files

Delte all of them:


Solution 2: Remove from browsers( Google Chrome,Mozilla Firefox,Internet Explorer)

Google Chrome

  • Click the top-right button and Choose Tools > Extensions

GG extensions

  • Select the target program under the Extensions tab.
  • Click the Remove icon.

GG enabled

Mozilla Firefox

  • Click the Menu on the top-right corner.
  • Choose Add-ons.

Firefox adds on

  • Under the tab Extensions, choose the target program and click Remove.

FF remove

Internet Explorer

  • Click the button on the top-right corner.
  • Choose Manage add-ons.

IE add-on

  • Under the tab Toolbars and Extensions, Select the target program and click Disable.


Solution 3: Remove with SpyHunter

  • Click the button below to download SpyHunter.

download  B3

  • Click Start New Scan to scan your PC completely.

spyhunter scan

  • Wait for several minutes to scan.


  • Click Fix Threats to finish the removal.

last step

After the removal, you need to optimize your system with RegCure Pro.

  • Click the button below to download RegCure Pro.

regcure pro download

  • Follow the steps to finish the installation.

RegCure Pro 2

  • Scanning your PC by clicking the button System Scan.

System Scan by RegCurePro

  • Click Fix All to finish the optimization.

RegCure Pro 5


Manual removal requires proficient computer skills, but if you are not, automatic removal is the best choice for you. SpyHunter will help you remove malicious programs completely and timely, detect the threats to your computer and protect you from being attacked again. RegCurePro is the assistant of SpyHunter and it aims to optimize your PC so as to make your computer perform well.

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