How to Fix avc_ax_742_jpeg.dll Error

By | May 10, 2014

Get error message related to avc_ax_742_jpeg.dll error? Yes, many users are not familiar with avc_ax_742_jpeg.dll. This passage helps users understand the avc_ax_742_jpeg.dll error better, and provides methods to fix avc_ax_742_jpeg.dll error.

What Is DLL File?

DLL, the dynamic link library, is an important component of application or program, controlling some of the instructions required by programs. A certain DLL file can be used by different application to perform a specific function. A DLL error can be caused by various reasons, for example, if users install or uninstall incorrectly, or if users visit unsafe web site mistakenly.

What Is avc_ax_742_jpeg.dll?

avc_ax_742_jpeg.dll, which locates in C:\Windows\System32, is a basic element for over 4000 games. It is required to play compressed movies within computer gaming application. The avc_ax_742_jpeg.dll error occurs when various of games in your computer are unable to install their files correctly, which leading many of the files unreadable. This error problem can also occur if your program files are corrupted by viruses. The avc_ax_742_jpeg.dll error message presents itself as“avc_ax_742_jpeg.dll Not Found” or “This application has failed to start because avc_ax_742_jpeg.dll was not found”. Programs cannot work properly if avc_ax_742_jpeg.dll occurs. You need to fix avc_ax_742_jpeg.dll error immediately to avoid more system problems.

Properties of glew32.dll

    1. avc_ax_742_jpeg.dll error can be caused by various reasons;
    2. avc_ax_742_jpeg.dll error may cause system problems;
    3. avc_ax_742_jpeg.dll error need to be fixed immediately.

How to Fix avc_ax_742_jpeg.dll Error

Method One: fix avc_ax_742_jpeg.dll error with Regcure fixing tool automatically.

Method Two: scan your computer with Spyhunter anti-virus program to remove any potential viruses in your computer.

Method Three: fix glew32.dll error manually.

How to Fix avc_ax_742_jpeg.dll error Error with Regcure:

Regcure is a genius program recognized by BBB. It fixes dll errors, removes useless keys or malicious registry entries, optimizing your computer and maximizing the PC performance.

Download Regcure Pro.


Scan your computer with Regcure Pro to fix fix glew32.dll error automatically and optimize your computer.


Remove Potential Viruses in Your Computer with Spyhunter

If Regcure does not work, you can scan your computer with Spyhunter because avc_ax_742_jpeg.dll error can also be caused by computer virus. You need to remove viruses with spyhunter and fix avc_ax_742_jpeg.dll error with Regcure then.

Download Spyhunter.


Scan your computer and remove any threats in your PC.


Fix glew32.dll manually

To fix avc_ax_742_jpeg.dll error manually, you need to check if avc_ax_742_jpeg.dll error is in the C:\Windows\System32 folder, and to figure out which program causes this error problem. Then download the avc_ax_742_jpeg.dll from the Internet and import it to your computer. Manual fixing method is a complex process, you can also contact online computer experts to fix avc_ax_742_jpeg.dll error if you cannot do it by yourself.

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