How to Remove Adobe Flash Player Pop-up Ads?

By | August 18, 2015

You keep getting an Adobe Flash Player Pop up? It gives you an Error message Number 2148 and a bunch of numbers, and 2 options, “Dismiss All” and “Continue”, to select from? No matter which one you click, this nasty pop-up keep coming up? There must be something wrong with your computer. You can read the post to learn how to deal with this problem.

What is Adobe Flash Player?

Adobe Flash Player is freeware software for using content created on the Adobe Flash platform, including viewing multimedia, executing rich Internet applications, and streaming video and audio. It is necessary for a computer to enhance playback function.

However, if you encounter constant pop-up about Adobe Flash Player (which is totally fake) from the web, you may infect with a potentially active malware, which can hijack a lot of internet browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer. The malware in your computer can change a number of important settings in your computer. It can change your home page and other browser settings. As a spy working for cyber criminals, it will offer access to cyber criminals and expose your privacy and important information. You should surf this website with caution or your computer will be badly compromised.

How to Remove Adobe Flash Player Pop-up?

The malware usually comes bundled with other freeware downloads or be embedded on suspicious links or corrupt websites. You should remove it when you find it. If you cannot get rid of it on your own, please follow the guide below.

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Method 1: Manually Remove Adobe Flash Player by Yourself

Step 1. Remove Adobe Flash Player from control panel.

1). Start->Control Panel (older Windows) or press Windows Key->Search and enter Control Panel (Windows 8)


2). Locate Uninstall a program, go through a list of programs and select newly-installed entries related to Adobe Flash Player, and click Uninstall button.

uninstall-a-program 1

Step 2. Remove Adobe Flash Player from browsers.

Internet Explorer

1. Open Internet Explorer, then click on the gear icon (Tools for Windows XP users) at the top (far right), then select Manage add-ons.

Internet option & add-ons

2. From the Toolbars and Extensions tab, select Adobe Flash Player or relative extensions and click on Disable.

manage add-on

3. on Search Providers, remove Adobe Flash Player from the list.

Search Provider

4. to Tools > Internet Options > General >Home pages > Use default. Replace Adobe Flash Player or random URL with a desired domain like> Click Apply to complete the operation.

create homepage

Close your Internet Explorer, right click on your IE shortcut and then click on the Properties option.

Mozilla Firefox

1. Click on the button at the top right corner to open Menu > Add-ons > Extensions >


2. Find Adobe Flash Player related add-ons and delete them.

firefox extension

3. Simultaneously tap Alt+T keys and select Options > General tab and move to the Home Page. Overwrite/remove the Home Page URL and click OK.


On Firefox, tab Alt and H altogether, select Troubleshooting Information > Reset > Reset Firefox


Google Chrome.

1. Click on the Customize icon(wrench or 3 bar icon) next to the address bar and navigate to Tools > Extensions.


Note: Find Adobe Flash Player related add-ons and delete them.

2. Go to Chrome Menu >Settings > On startup >Set pages >


3. Click on the X button to delete it and add a new URL, for example,

(1). Settings > Appearance > Change >
(2). Settings > Search > Manage search engines >


Note: There may be many residual files and invalid registry entries left behind to occupy your computer disk space and weaken your computer performance. From this perspective, you may need the help of a system cleaner and optimizer. You could use RegCure Pro

Tip 1. Click the icon to download the most popular computer optimizer RegCure Pro

download RegCure Pro

Tip 2. Follow the instructions to get the tool installed

run the file

installing regcure pro
Tip 3. Run RegCure Pro to start a scan on your computer

It will begin to automatically scan your computer for errors

system scan

Tip 4. Use the in-built “Fix All” scheduler to automate the optimization process

fix all

Method 2: Automatically Remove Adobe Flash Player by SpyHunter

SpyHunter is an adaptive real-time spyware detection and removal tool for your PC. You can remove Adobe Flash Player with this powerful tool. Please read the instruction below.

(Please be at ease for SpyHunter, since it will never bundle with any programs and it can get along with existing security programs without any conflicts.)

Step 1. Download SpyHunter for automatic remover.

a) Click the icon below to download SpyHunter automatically.

download SpyHunter

b) Follow the instructions to install SpyHunter

spyhunter run

spyhunter setup

spyhunter setup

Step 2. Run SpyHunter to fully scan your PC

Run SpyHunter and click “Malware Scan” button to scan your PC for Adobe Flash Player items

malware scan

Step 3. Show the scan result and delete all detected items.

Fix Threats

Warm Reminder:

Adobe Flash Player can be removed if all the associated components are deleted. It is complicated for inexperienced users to remove it manually. Hope that you can completely remove all the threats by manual removal instructions above. To safely and quickly remove this adware from your PC, you are suggested to Download and Install Powerful Security Tool.

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