How to Remove “Warning: Internet Security Damaged” Pop-up – Fake Support Scam Removal

By | September 1, 2016

If your computer appears a pop-up showing “Warning: Internet Security Damaged” related message, then your computer is encountering an advertising-supported adware program. This pop-up “Warning: Internet Security Damaged” can bother you a lot since it stops you from normally using your computer system. However, it also eats up some CPU resources and causes the system to run very slowly. Meanwhile, you may also meet abundance of advertisements that annoy you so much. Anyhow, all these symptoms indicate your computer is encountering certain problem related to Adware infection. You should not ignore this problem; otherwise, pop-ups containing fake security notifications will keep re-appearing. An effective removal guide against “Warning: Internet Security Damaged” pop-up should be performed, and here below we would like to guide you go through the trouble in the easiest way.


The “Warning: Internet Security Damaged” pop-up ads can be caused by a malicious program that contains the adware along with the bundled installation package. When the malicious program is installed, the “Warning: Internet Security Damaged” alert will generate. This message shown by the fake “Warning: Internet Security Damaged” pop-up will be like this:

Warning: Internet Security Damaged !!!
 A Suspicious Connection Was Trying to Access Your Logins, Banking Details & Tracking Your Internet Activity.
 Your TCP Connection Was Blocked by Your Firewall. Your Accounts May be Suspended Until You Take an Action.
 Your Personal Information May Have Leaked. IMMEDIATE RESPONSE REQUIRED
 Your Hard Disk May Have Trojan Virus! Please Do Not Try to Fix Manually, It May Crash Your Data.
 Consequently, we are performing additional security checks to verify system security.
 Please Visit Your Nearest Windows Service Center OR Call Help Desk
 Customer Service: +1-888-306-5168 (TOLL-FREE)

“Warning: Internet Security Damaged” pop-up advise to have a conversation with people behind this combination of numbers: +1-888-306-5168. However, please never try to contact the provided toll-free helpline. You should realize that this notification is not originating from safe sources. In reality, the pop-up is not basing its detected viruses or infections, and the message is just pre-designed by the “Warning: Internet Security Damaged” ads publishers in the attempt of luring users to call the so-called “certified technicians”. All they will receive are offers to purchase various kinds of good-for-nothing software. And, the fake Windows alerts are also made to scare you into purchasing remote support services. The truth is that the real security risk is the “Warning: Internet Security Damaged” pop-up itself. To get back normal running PC and secure system performance, please use the removal guide below.

Guide: Automatic Removal of “Warning: Internet Security Damaged” pop-up with SpyHunter

SpyHunter is an adaptive real-time spyware detection and removal tool for your PC. You can remove “Warning: Internet Security Damaged” pop-up and related extensions with this powerful tool. Please read the instruction below.

(Please be at ease for SpyHunter, since it will never bundle with any programs and it can get along with existing security programs without any conflicts.)

1). Click the download button below.

2). After finishing downloading, click Run to install SpyHunter step by step.


3). After finishing installing, SpyHunter will scan and diagnose your entire system automatically.


4). As the scanning is complete, all detected threats will be listed out. Then, you can click on “Fix Threats” to remove all of the threats found in your system.

spyhunter malware scan

(Optional) Scan and Optimize Your PC with RegCure Pro.

RegCure Pro is a useful tool that may help you scan and optimize your PC. You are welcomed to follow the guide below and install it.

1). Click the icon to download RegCure Pro.


2). Click “Yes” to run the profile.

RegCure Pro 1

3). Click “Next Button” and finish the installation process.

RegCure Pro 2

4). After installation, run the RegCure Pro to start.

RegCure Pro icon

5). Scan your computer for errors by making a system scan.


6).After scanning, choose the items you want to clean and fix them.

Final Tips: “Warning: Internet Security Damaged” pop-up is an vicious adware that will do a lot of unexpected behaviors in your computer. It is high time to remove it from your PC. If you need a quicker and safer way out of “Warning: Internet Security Damaged” pop-up, please feel free to Download and Install Powerful Security Tool Here.

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