Remove Chrome.exe *32 – How to Get Rid of Chrome.exe *32 Safely and Completely?

By | March 2, 2015

“We have lots of chrome.exe*32 and other .exe*32. I’ve downloaded AVG and Malwarebytes that looked like they got rid of some things but it is still on all the processes and every time we connect through the internet through our cable wi-fi it slows everything way down. Funnily enough, we can connect through our verizon jetpack with no problem, even though all the .exe*32s still show up.”

Do you know anything about Chrome.exe *32?

Chrome.exe *32 is used by a malware to do harms to an infected PC. It may look like a part of Google Chrome. However, the fact is that it’s related to┬áTrojan.Poweliks. Users who ever infected by the Trojan horse are most likely to see Chrome.exe *32 on their PCs. It can attack almost all version of Windows operating system. It’s designed by cyber criminals to steal valuable information and corrupt targeted computers for commercial purpose. Once infected, it can serious attack your PC. You need to stay away from it.

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Harmful properties of Chrome.exe *32?

  • It injects its codes to change the targeted system settings.
  • Chrome.exe *32 takes up your system resources to largely slow down the speed of your PC.
  • It can download and execute arbitrary files (including updates or additional malware).
  • Its located files are not that easy to find. So it makes harder to remove the threat.
  • Unwanted ads may come. And it can even redirect you to malicious domains.
  • Your browsing habits and sensitive information may be collected for commercial purpose.

How to get rif of Chrome.exe *32 effectively?

Method 1: Manually remove it yourself by following the guides below.

Method 2: Automatically remove it by using SpyHunter.

Manual Steps

Step 1: Enter Safe Mode to achieve better results.
Restart your PC. Before Windows launches, you need to keep pressing F8 key to help you get to the interface. Choose “Safe Mode with Networking” and then press “Enter” on your keyboard.

Step 2: End the related running processes of Chrome.exe *32.

Click Start and find Run. Type “taskmgr” into the pop-up box and click “OK”. Then you come to the Windows Task Manager box. Seek for any related or suspicious programs and end them.

Step 3: Show hidden files and delete related files.
Start>>Control Panel>>Appearance and Themes>> Folder Options. In View tab, tick “Show hidden files and folders” and deselect “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)”. And then click OK.

Go to your local disks to find related files and then delete them.


Step 4: Delete all related registry entries in the Registry Editor. (Be cautious during this step.)

Start>>Run>>Input “regedit”>>Click “OK”. Find related entries and delete them.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\MpUXSrv.exe
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\MSASCui.exe

Step 5: Use RegCure to check if your acts effective.

a: Download RegCure Pro!

Use the safe link here to avoid unnecessary threats.

b: Run the file to step by step install RegCure.

c: When the installation is finish, select “System Scan” to scan your PC.

d: Click “Fix All” to get rid of all the problems.

Automatic Steps

SpyHunter is an advanced removal tool with the function of removing Trojan horses, rootkits, worms, adware, rogues and so on. With SpyHunter, you don’t have to worry about the mistaken deleted files. Why not download the tool to use it?

Step 1: Download SpyHunter to stop Chrome.exe *32.

Accept the Setup Agreement and follow the wizard to install it on your computer properly.

Step 2: Launch it and click “Malware Scan”.

Step 3: When the results come out, fix it immediately.

Kindly Reminder:
When dealing with Chrome.exe *32, we really don’t recommend you to remove it manually unless you’re a computer expert. Some of its files are even hard to find. If you can’t tell whether a file is your system file or a file belongs to the threat, you’d better not delete it randomly or you may crash your system. We recommend you to use SpyHunter. That’s a totally safe way. And it also can safeguard your PC from further threats. Why not have a try?

For clean master to double check and optimize your PC, please click here for RegCure.

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