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How to Delete Fake “Chrome” Browser.exe From Your PC?

“I don’t have Google chrome installed, but I see multiple processes running (named browser.exe) with Google Chrome as the description. I also found that the process was being run from C:/Users/%USERNAME%/AppData/LocalLow/BrowserVoice/VinylGravity – so, like the other user, I ended the processes and deleted the folder, but the folder just immediately regenerated.” Have you ever encountered […]

Step by Step Remove Virus.boot.malmo – Get Rid of Boot.malmo Virus from Your PC

Your antivirus detected virus.boot.malmo but failed to remove it? You tried your best to get rid of with everything you could think of but just found your computer became slower? Please look through this article to fix all these problems. Virus.boot.malmo Description Detected by Kaspersky, Virus.boot.malmo is a high risk malware that can affect many computers. […]

How to Remove Trojan:win32/Kovter.c!reg From Your System? (Removal Guide)

Information about Trojan:win32/Kovter.c!reg Trojan:win32/Kovter.c!reg is a malware program which is able to infiltrate your computer and conduct a series of harmful activities on your system. Once infected, it modifies that system files and registry so that it loads whenever you start Windows. Please keep in mind that the Trojan usually invades into your PC via some spam […]

How to Remove Fake Video Player Download Getsoftter.com out of PC Quick and Safe?

Description of Getsoftter.com Getsoftter.com is another recently found malicious domain with fake Video Player download program on it. It is been confirmed that during the past few days malware has been detected from Getsoftter.com and this site is now no doubt a malicious domain. And you should be more careful with it. The malware inserted […]

How to Fix ‘Malicious File Download 24’ Problem?

What is ‘Malicious File Download 24’? ‘Malicious File Download 24’ is a detection message that only appears when your antivirus intercepting a serious security threat. It is an early warning for the PC threats. If you receive this message, please take it seriously. Otherwise, you will force to download a threatening file from a remote […]

Troj_Generic.WMIES Installed on PC – How to Remove?

Failed to remove a nasty infection called Troj_Generic.WMIES? Don’t know how to do now? Hope anyone will provide an effective removal guide for you? Read more this page, and get some information about Troj_Generic.WMIES Troj_Generic.WMIES keeps making strange things on PC? “Since this Troj_Generic.WMIES got on the computer, I found there were lots of strange […]