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Useful Methods to Remove Radamant Ransomware And Restore .rdm Files

Radamant Ransomware Description Radamant Ransomware is categorized as a ransomeware that has reported to affect more and more online users and encrypt their files with the .rdm extension. Usually, this kind of ransomware is mainly spread via spam e-mails containing either malicious web links in them that may redirect and cause a drive-by download or malicious mail […]

How Can I Remove Afhelper1@gmail.com Ransomware From PC?

 Brief introduction about Afhelper1@gmail.com Afhelper1@gmail.com is considered as a file-encrypting ransomware which is able to affect all versions of windows including Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista. It is designed to encrypt files so as to threat victims for a ransom. You should be cheated. It is fake scam that you can not get your […]

Get Rid of “random character.xtbl” Ransomware With Effective Solutions

Recently, there are some computer users complaint that their PC file are encrypted to “random character.xtbl” and they have no idea to fix the problems. According to such symptom, it is likely that their computer is infected with a ransomware. Here is a effective post about malware removal listed below, if you want to know how […]

Remove Locker v1.7 Absolutely From Your PC – Ransomware Removal Guide

Information about Locker v1.7 Locker v1.7 is classified as a ransomware which is created to encrypt certain files on your computer and demand payment before you can gain access to your own files. It shows you the message claiming that all your personal files on computer are locked and encrypted by Locker v1.7 and you have to click […]