Uninstall Vista Protection 2014 from Your Computer (Removal Instruction)

By | September 12, 2014

Vista Protection 2014 is a fake antivirus program. Once it is been installed into your computer, you should remove it from your computer as soon as possible. Now, you can first follow this article to learn more about Vista Protection 2014.

Vista Protection 2014 is created by hackers for money scamming. It pretends as a legit antivirus program in your computer. Scanning virus in your computer without permission once it gets into your computer, Vista Protection 2014 will report lots of threats like Trojan horse, worms and these kinds of things. If you want to remove it with Vista Protection 2014, you have to buy its full version.

However, it is nothing but a scam designed by hacker. It can not help you remove any threats, and the biggest threat in your computer is this rogue program itself. Without your authorization, Vista Protection 2014 can randomly download many unnecessary programs into your computer. Of course, the speed of your computer will be slowed down.

However, Vista Protection 2014 is pretty stubborn, and you can not uninstall it from your computer that easy. You can follow this post to learn two basic ways to remove Vista Protection 2014.


How to Remove Vista Protection 2014 from Your Computer?

Solution 1: Manually remove Vista Protection 2014 by following the guide below step by step.

Solution 2: Use Spyhunter antivirus program to deal with this issue.

Solution 1 to remove Vista Protection 2014:

STEP1- Uninstall Vista Protection 2014 from Windows Control Panel

1. Open Control Panel using instructions below according to your operation system.

For Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7:
a) Click on the “Start” button on the lower-left of your monitor.
b) Locate and select “Control Panel”.


program uninstall

For Windows 8:
a) Hover your mouse on the bottom left corner of the computer screen and wait for the icon to appear.
b) Right-click on the icon to display list of accessible programs.
c) Double-click “Control Panel” icon from the list.


control panel-win8

2. When you have Control Panel window open, click on “Add or Remove Program” or “Programs and Features” (if you’re using Windows XP/Vista/7). Or find and select “Uninstall a program” under Programs area if you’re using Windows 8.

3. Your next display now shows a screen that lists programs that are installed on your computer. Scroll through the list to look for Browsing Protection icon, and then select it to start ridding it from your computer by clicking “Remove” or “Uninstall” button.

4. On the next prompt, you need to confirm the uninstall process and press “OK” to proceed with the removal.

5. When all steps are done, reboot your computer regularly to apply all made changes.

STEP2-Clean up its related things.

1) The associated processes of Vista Protection 2014 to be stopped:

task manager processes

2) The associated files of Vista Protection 2014 to be deleted:

3) The registry entries of Vista Protection 2014 that need to be removed:

Solution 2 to remove Vista Protection 2014:

You may follow this manual removal procedure step by step to get rid of this virus, but it is quite complicated actually. So, if you are not a computer savvy, I recommend you to handle this problem with Spyhunter for which it is more easier. Meanwhile, Spyhunter can protect your computer in the future.

1. Download Spyhunter antivirus program by clicking the icon below;

2. To find out every threats in your computer, you need to do a full canning with spyhunter;(It takes a while depends on size of files in your computer)

3. After that, you should select every detected threats and remove it all;

4. Reboot your computer and check it again to make sure if it is gone completely.

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